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Business Continuity and Crisis Management Consultancy

Enhance your organisation's resilience and reduce the overall level of risk to your operations with our Business Continuity Management (BCM) consultants


How do you grow and mature your organisational resilience

In today’s world, it’s not “if” an incident will occur, it’s “when”. This is due to the ever-evolving and endless list of the threats we face, such as fire, flood, cyber-attacks, ransomware, pandemics, war or supply chain disruptions. Accordingly, our defence mechanisms also need to keep up with the threat landscape.

Ensuring that your organisation is resilient is a fundamental principle of mitigating evolving threats. Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management are two key building blocks of this approach. The main purpose is to be able to continue to deliver business operations and services, at an acceptable level, whilst preventing any significant impact on customers, regulatory compliance, the brand, image and reputation of your organisation.

Our expert consultants will work with your organisation to improve its Business Continuity Management processes and to implement them consistently throughout the business. We also provide Crisis Management Consultancy to enhance the organisation’s ability to respond, should a serious incident occur.

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Improving Business Continuity Management
and increasing overall resilience


Business Continuity Management

In order for our BCM consultants to design and implement the most appropriate strategy and crisis management action plan for your organisation, we’ll partner with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business operations and objectives.

Through carefully executed crisis management assessments we’ll take a detailed look at your processes, supporting resources and underlying infrastructure to identify and address any weaknesses. We can then design and deliver business continuity and crisis management frameworks that enable your business to continue operating when an incident occurs.

As well as designing and preparing the required policies and procedures, our consultants conduct independent reviews and assessments of BCM frameworks and strategies. We also support organisations in testing their plans. This can be as “light touch” or as in-depth as clients wish. We can also support tabletop exercises or scenarios that require the physical and/or technical enactment of the Business Continuity or Crisis Management plans and systems.

Reduce Risk With Our Expert Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management Consultancy

By implementing effective Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management policies, procedures and strategies, you can realise the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence in your organisation – demonstrating a high level of commitment to business continuity builds trust among clients, staff and your supply chain, as well as other third parties and stakeholders.
  • Compliance with industry standards, notably ISO22301, demonstrates that your organisation is actively managing the risks of disruption. It also helps to ensure that it can continue to discharge contractual, regulatory and legal obligations, which will preserve your brand’s value and hard-earned reputation.
  • A culture of organisational resilience – staff automatically applying a business continuity mindset to everyday tasks, embedding organisational resilience by design, can give your organisation a competitive edge.
  • Increased levels of compliance with data protection and other relevant legislation.
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Establish effective risk and crisis management with Xcina

Business Continuity Management

Benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of Xcina’s Business Continuity and Crisis Management Consultants who have experienced continuity incidents first-hand and successfully mitigated continuity risk. There is no greater experience than having felt the pain personally and come through the other side.

Some of our consultants are members of the Business Continuity Institute and have contributed towards the development of best practice standards, including ISO22301. We have also designed BCM solutions and systems for multiple industry sectors and varying sizes and maturities of firms.

We are a BSI (British Standards Institute) Associate Consultant Programme Platinum member, helping clients obtain and maintain certification to the Business Continuity Management System (ISO/IEC 22301) Standard.

We embed a business continuity mindset. We provide training and development to your client staff so they can develop the necessary internal capabilities to maintain and embed the solutions we deliver. All our training is based on best practices learned from first-hand experience and real-life incidents.

What our clients say

Our client realised the need to enhance their readiness to keep operations running in the event of a crisis. They engaged Xcina Consulting to design a cost-effective, scalable business continuity management, disaster recovery and crisis management solution to support their services. This organisation has around 160 projects across the UK providing critical services to those individuals, families and communities that are affected by drugs, alcohol, crime, homelessness, domestic abuse, and antisocial behaviour.

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