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Information Governance

Managing and protecting your organisation’s most critical assets.


Time for a fresh approach.

Where do you start when trying to protect your organisation’s information and customer information, with which you are entrusted?

In today’s digitally connected world (internet of things, big data, digital only services and operations) where huge amounts of data are generated by organisations and more and more operations are online, organisations, governments, regulators, law enforcement agencies and customers have become increasingly concerned about how to leverage and protect their most valuable asset – information.

An organisation’s information as one of its most valuable assets and one of the most vulnerable, requires that organisations take a different approach to information governance.

Despite the huge costs of breaches and incidents, organisations still struggle to meet their information governance objectives including realising strategic insights, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing compliance risks, operational costs, and regulatory fines.

Organisations now more than ever need to ensure that they have robust information governance arrangements to protect their corporate information and personal data. Failure to implement robust information governance frameworks will result in significant reputational, financial, and legal consequences for firms.


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Information Governance Brochure


Design and Implementation of robust
Information Governance Frameworks


Information Governance Framework

With a multitude of information governance frameworks out there, including ISO27001, GDPR, NIST, CoBIT etc. it is difficult for organisations to design and implement an information governance framework that is suitable for its own needs. Our information governance experts work with you to:

  • Develop an inventory of the organisation’s information assets and assess their criticality to its operations, regularity requirements and other stakeholder expectations.
  • Design an appropriate Information Governance Framework suited to the needs of the organisation including an assessment of its key risks leveraging the various best practice frameworks.
  • Implement the information governance framework in partnership with you and assist with embedding it in the organisation.
  • Review the effectiveness of any existing frameworks and develop pragmatic remediation roadmaps enabling the organisation to operate within its information governance risk appetite, and in compliance with relevant frameworks.

The ISO27001 Information Management standard is an industry recognised best practice Information Governance Framework. Our consultants hold either ISO27001 Lead Audit or Lead Implementor certification, and are therefore ideally suited to help adapt this Information Governance Framework to your business.

Our Information Governance Consultants will also carry out independent audits of an existing Information Governance Framework to assess compliance with relevant frameworks.

Securing the organisations most valuable information assets

The selection and implementation of a recognised Information Governance Framework will help your business realise the following benefits:

  • Increased customer assurance in the way your business handles its information
  • Increased internal information management maturity leading to operational efficiencies
  • Increased levels of compliance with information security legislation and regulations including data protection
  • Reduction in the organisation’s information security risk
  • Reduction in the organisation’s overall business risk
  • Considerable cost efficiencies through implementation of organisation wide and standard operational processes relating to information management
  • Increased tender success potential (as new tenders often include the requirement to align to, or be certified with, recognised Information Governance Frameworks)
  • Greater confidence by customers in the organisation’s management of its information assets arising from the independent review or audit.
Information Governance Framework

How Xcina Consulting can help your business

Information Governance Framework

Clients will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of Xcina’s Information Governance Consultants who have certifications that span multiple different disciplines such as:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs)
  • Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor
  • ISO27001 Lead Implementor

Our information governance consultants are dialled into the latest developments in information security coming as they do from a military intelligence background.

By employing Information Governance Consultants with certified knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines, our consultants are able to provide the advice and guidance that most appropriately suits your business and its culture.

We partner with organisations to take them on their journey from virgin design and implementations to reviewing and upgrading existing frameworks. We also provide training so that internal teams are able to maintain the information governance frameworks independently going forward.

What our clients say

Xcina supported a UK authorised and registered wholesale bank, offering a range of products and services in corporate and correspondent banking. We worked with the CEO, Head of Operations and Head of IT to establish the bank’s objectives, goals and risk appetite in relation to information and cyber risk to develop and improve management reporting and performance indicators to support compliance with Legal, Regulatory and Standards.

UK Authorised and Registered Wholesale Bank

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