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Information Security Management Services

Protect your most valuable assets in the face of evolving cyber threats with expert information security consultants


Bespoke methodologies for your organisation’s cyber security needs

Information security and data security management are critical considerations for all businesses. The threats we all face from cyber-attacks are varied, complex, and ever-evolving, and may include data security breaches, unauthorised access, computer-assisted fraud, espionage, sabotage or vandalism.

Our information security consultants provide a variety of services to meet the cyber security needs of your organisation. Our methodology can help protect your valuable information assets and increase internal and customer confidence in your ability to safeguard confidential information. We’ll partner with you to transfer knowledge and expertise to your staff, ensuring continued compliance and increased information security resilience.

Our consultants are global leaders in data security and cyber risk management, with some having authored internationally recognised best practice standards. They all possess extensive industry and subject matter knowledge and experience, delivering a service that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Information Security Consultants

Adding and protecting value through a robust information security strategy

A strong cyber risk management strategy is critical in preventing, managing and recovering from a disruption to your organisation’s operations. Each service is designed to address specific information security-related challenges your business experiences.

At Xcina Consulting, we recognise that no two clients are the same. We deliver successful outcomes by building bespoke information security solutions, bringing together elements that are relevant, tailored and proportionate.

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Information Security Services


Information Governance

We’ll assist your organisation with effective and appropriate management of your information security framework, including components such as policies, processes, structures, personnel and risk profile. This also includes assisting you in meeting the requirements of internationally recognised information governance standards such as ISO27001, NIST, GDPR, and regulations such as the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

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Information Security Consultants

Information Security Consultants

Payment Card Industry Data Security
Standard (PCI DSS)

Organisations handling cardholder information are required to have robust network security arrangements by credit card companies. Our information security consultants will help you ensure a secure payment environment is maintained.

As a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, we’ll help you achieve and maintain compliance with PCI DSS by offering bespoke services including scope definition, review of self-assessments, remediation and full formal assessments.

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Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Minimising disruption to operations from unexpected events requires effective planning and execution. We assist with all aspects of Business Continuity and Crisis Management, from understanding the criticality of your organisation’s numerous assets to the creation of an appropriate resilience solution.

Our consultants can assist with developing plans, reviewing and testing existing plans, and assessing your alignment with strategy and regulatory requirements.

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Information Security Consultants

Information Security Consultants

Cyber Security Consulting

The speed at which you identify, control and mitigate cyber security risks has a significant impact on your risk profile. Our consultants have extensive industry experience and can assess your organisation’s current maturity or posture, and develop a bespoke set of activities (or roadmap) to elevate its ability to protect its assets in line with your business objectives. We’ll also partner with you to define and execute your remediation activities to strengthen your security controls and mitigate cyber security risks.

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Data Protection

Data protection practices are often not adequately embedded and maintained following their initial implementation to meet the 2018 GDPR deadline. Regulators are increasingly issuing enforcement actions and fines. We help your organisation assess its compliance against the Information Commissioner’s Office’s expectations and deliver a remediation plan to achieve a defensible position.

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Information Security Consultants

Protect your digital information with our
data security management solutions

Information Security Consultants

  • We leverage our deep expertise, experience and agility to develop and implement bespoke solutions, which reflect the size and complexity of the business.
  • We are vendor agnostic and will work with you to independently identify “best in breed” solutions for your situation.
  • Use our deep expertise and experience to supplement your internal capabilities and knowledge or to fulfil specific information security roles in your organisation e.g. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). We can provide your organisation with a virtual CISO (vCISO) service as an interim or long-term solution.
  • We are committed to ensuring your success and will adopt a flexible and bespoke approach to attain the required level of maturity in the most effective way.
  • Our unique approach ensures lasting results by embedding a risk-based mindset through training and development, enabling your staff to develop the necessary internal capabilities to maintain and operate the activities long after we have left.
  • Strengthen your data security with our proven methodologies, experience and expertise to minimise any reputational damage to your organisation.
  • We are a BSI (British Standards Institute) ISO27001 accredited partner.
  • Our cyber security services reduce the risks of attacks that could otherwise compromise clients’ information.
  • We’ll help you provide stakeholder assurance by safeguarding against future threats with confidence.

What our clients say

We entered a 3 year agreement with Xcina Consulting to perform the annual review of our UK and NL card data environment and to ensure we are compliance with the PCI DSS. Not only are we working with experienced and knowledgeable QSAs, but we are also leveraging their advice and guidance to ensure best practice around how we adequately protect card data and have the highest possible level of security controls in place.

Parkmobile. UK Managing Director

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