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Risk Management and Compliance solutions strengthening organisational resilience

We partner with clients to deliver expertise exactly where it's needed, and deliver bespoke programmes providing risk assurance, information security, and regulatory compliance.

The resilience challenge

How resilient is your organisation, faced with the seemingly competing demands of driving value while protecting against risk, of innovating and responding to market opportunities while maintaining regulatory compliance?

Businesses must be able to assess and identify the current and emerging risks that will affect their strategies and impact their performance. Supply chain disruption, market volatility, changing regulatory landscape, people resource availability, organisational culture and working patterns… all threaten both day-to-day operations and longer-term strategies.

Xcina Consulting protects
your business

Xcina Consulting combines expert and independent insight with deep sector knowledge to help customers protect assets and productivity, meet and maintain compliance, preserve reputations, and achieve their strategic goals.

We identify and assess the likelihood and impact of the risks to your business. We design balanced, proportionate compliance and risk
management solutions, providing analysis and intelligence, complementing your team and expertise, ensuring that the right resources are in the right place.

We recommend improvements to your processes and frameworks, embed risk cultures and improve organisational resilience. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs, their commercial objectives and the risks and threats they face both externally and internally.

Partnering with Xcina Consulting will increase confidence internally, in customers and shareholders… in your organisation’s ability to deliver transformation and drive growth.

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Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance and Risk Management

Cyber threats

Technology continues to fuel opportunity, and organisations must now implement effective information security arrangements to secure their data – their most valuable
and vulnerable asset. Every organisation must now consider the impact of cyber-attacks security breaches and unauthorised access, frauds, espionage and sabotage and vandalism.

Regulators are increasingly more rigorous in their application of accountability, while economic pressures demand more from less. Resources and skills gaps often
compromise plans.

What our clients say

Xcina initially worked with us to produce a detailed gap analysis on our readiness for GDPR. The consultant adopted a collaborative approach so that we could identify the key risk areas for our business and focus on mitigation plans. Xcina’s ongoing support has ensured that our employees feel confident when dealing with data protection matters, with best practice and expertise from consultants who have taken the time to get to know our business and our industry.

Estate Secretary, Portman Settled Estates Limited

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Our approach



Each client is a unique
combination of people
processes, resources, experience
and skills. And so while many
share similar issues, the same
approach is not appropriate for
all organisations. We adapt every
project to the individual needs of
each organisation we work with,
based on identifying where they
need our support and where it’s
most valuable. Each project
requires a tailored scope and
programme, and we are
experienced in providing pivotal
support across all business lines,
in multiple sectors and from
large corporates to SMEs and

Great people

Our consultants are perfectly
matched to the engagement.
Each has deep knowledge and
expertise earned in senior and
executive management
positions. All clients are serviced
by senior experts throughout
the life of the project from
initial engagement to execution
– we never “bait and switch”,
neither do we learn on your job.
Where required and it brings
value to the project, we partner
with select specialist
consultancies to ensure specific
skills requirements are met.

Partnering with clients

Many clients tell us they feel we
are part of their team. We
resource each project to
complement your existing
experience, strengths and skills
– filling the gaps rather than
taking over. Every project is
driven by your strategic
objectives and our solutions are
pragmatic and cost effective.
We share the IP generated
during a project with our
clients and provide guidance
and training to help their
internal teams continue to
implement the solutions and
develop them further.

Best practice

Clients come to Xcina
Consulting for our expertise.
We adopt leading compliance
and risk management practices
recognised by industry bodies
and regulators and we use
established frameworks
tailored to your requirements
to ensure our solutions are fit
for purpose and dependable.
We are vendor agnostic, always
identifying best in breed
solutions and our specialists are
at the forefront of industry
trends and developments. They
have first-hand experience of
implementing the appropriate
methodologies, frameworks
and standards.

Our capabilities

Our Capabilities

Awards and accreditations


Risk management and
assurance services

Inadequate risk identification and management threatens
strategic goals

Organisations face constant change, new business models, volatile markets, emerging technologies, social and political upheaval. Pricing
pressures, competition and regulatory demands all place your business under stress. Your operations are only as good as the weakest link. Are your processes, resources and culture able to meet these challenges?

Bespoke risk management and assurance frameworks

Effective risk management is instrumental to your organisations’
ability to attain its objectives. When you undergo change, it is
absolutely essential. We help you manage risk and increase
confidence by evaluating and assessing your risk management
frameworks, the internal controls you have implemented, including
over your third party relationships. Our internal audit services provide
independent assurance on the resilience of the organisation.

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Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance and Risk Management

Information Security

A complex and ever-evolving cyber threat landscape

Information and cyber security need to be top-of-mind in all
organisations. Data is the lifeblood of your business and the volume
generated, stored and processed is increasing whilst the technology
used to manage data is becoming more complex and diverse. It has
also become the target of more crime, espionage and vandalism.
Business models and transactions continue to migrate to online
channels and the importance of protecting Intellectual Property,
Confidential Information and Personal Data impacts more
organisations. Complying with and operating in the spirit of Data
Protection legislation and regulations such as GDPR, is even more
important given potential reputational and financial damage from
non-compliance. All the while, complying with and operating in the
spirit of GDPR must become a given and reputations are in the hands
of DPOs.

Leaders in cyber risk management

Our experts will assess and monitor your business’s vulnerabilities, and
help you prepare for the specific threats you face. We’ll make sure you
meet and can exceed the standards and regulations relevant to your
sector and commercial activities. We design bespoke frameworks for
business continuity and crisis management and support you with
cutting edge expertise in cyber security, data protection and
information governance.

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Regulatory Compliance

More intensive supervision and scrutiny

It is increasingly difficult to navigate regulatory requirements due to
changing approaches from regulators (from passive to interventionist),
changing regulations as they respond to changing business models,
products and markets, and in response to events such as COVID and
Brexit. But businesses cannot allow regulatory compliance to become
de-prioritised. Keeping abreast of regulations can be difficult due to
the significant drain on time and resources and especially when
budgets are stretched. That’s where our services are useful in ensuring
continued compliance and mitigating the risk of significant fines and

Compliance solutions for your exact requirements

Xcina Consulting can help you understand your complex compliance
obligations and translate regulations into the requirements that your
business must meet. We’ll then help you implement effective
frameworks to address each of them and support your team to adopt
them. We provide specialised advice, independent assessments to
assure the board and senior management of company-wide

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Compliance and Risk Management

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