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Cyber Security Consultant Services

Improve your organisation’s ability to prepare, respond and recover from an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with our future-ready cyber security solutions


Strengthen your cyber security resilience inside and out

Small UK businesses are successfully targeted by cyber-attacks every 19 seconds. On average, each attack costs the business around £25,000 just to rectify.

Protecting organisations from cyber-attacks is becoming more complex and, in some cases, more costly, due to the ever-evolving threat landscape and the “smart” technologies we use in our everyday lives.

At the heart of improving an organisation’s cyber security posture are its people. The UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports recognises that there is a significant cyber security skills gap in adequately trained professionals in the industry. This is the case both internally within organisations and within the private cyber security consulting sector.

Despite the huge costs of cyber-attacks, businesses are still failing to invest in adequate cyber security risk management measures to protect their organisations.

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Cyber Security Consultancy Services and Solutions


Cyber Security Consulting

Xcina Consulting provides a range of bespoke cyber security consulting services to meet the varying needs of different organisations across industry sectors. These include:

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessments – conducting a risk assessment focused on cyber threats, in line with internationally recognised best practice standards.
  • Cyber Security Event and Incident Monitoring – through the Shearwater Group plc Security Operations Centre as a Service (SoCaaS).
  • Cyber Security Gap Analysis – an exercise to understand your control deficiencies against internationally recognised best practice standards and to provide remediation advice.
  • Cyber Security Remediation Advice and Guidance – working with your organisation to enhance its control environment to strengthen protection against cyber threats.
  • Cyber Breach Response Plans – helping your organisation improve its capabilities against future compromises and data breach incidents.
  • Incident Response – assisting your organisation after a cyber security breach with forensic, cyber security risk mitigation, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and data security compliance.

Protect your organisation’s valuable assets from cyber threats

By conducting effective cyber security risk management, we can help your organisation realise a series of benefits:

  • Greater assurance to internal and external stakeholders regarding your organisation’s management of its information assets
  • Increased customer confidence in the way your business handles their information
  • Increased internal cyber security risk management maturity leading to operational efficiencies
  • Increased levels of compliance with information security legislation, regulations and best practice standards, including data protection
  • Increased visibility of cyber risks and their impacts
  • Being better positioned to successfully recover from a cyber attack
  • Reduced cyber-attack exposure for your business
  • Reduction in your organisation’s cyber security risk, leading to a reduction in overall business risk
  • Reduction in your cyber insurance premiums
  • Increased tender success potential
Cyber Security Consulting

How Xcina Consulting can help your business

Cyber Security Consulting

Clients will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of Xcina’s cyber security consultants who have certifications that span multiple different disciplines such as:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor
  • ISO27001 Lead Implementor

As a leading UK cyber security company, we’re at the forefront of all new developments in the world of cyber risk management.

By employing cyber security consultants with certified knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines, we can provide you with the very latest advice and guidance that’s most suitable for your business and its culture.

Together, we can take your organisation to the next level in your cyber security maturity.

What our clients say

A large multinational company which delivers multiple UK Government contracts engaged Xcina to undertake Cyber Risk Assessments across multiple sites, including some health facilities. The assessments including physical, logical, organisational resilience, crisis management , and legal and regulatory compliance risks amongst others. We identified opportunities for improvement and provided the client with a pragmatic remediation programme that they were able to successfully execute.

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