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Operational Resilience Consultant Services

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What is Operational Resilience?

Operational Resilience is a key regulatory priority and refers to the ability of firms, financial market infrastructures and the financial services sector as a whole to prevent, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions.

Operational Resilience is not just a regulatory requirement. It’s also a better way to run a firm, help improve controls and deliver better outcomes for customers and the market. It’s a complex and holistic process which requires time and resources to implement reliably.

Following March 31st 2022, firms need to have assessed their ability to remain within impact tolerances. They need to review important business services at least annually and remedy any operational resilience gaps. By March 31st 2025, they need to be able to operate consistently within impact tolerances.

Our regulatory compliance specialists provide firms with project assistance in meeting their operational resilience obligations, ensuring compliance with the respective regulatory deadlines and requirements, and maintaining operational continuity.

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Maintain important business services within impact tolerances


Organisational Resilience

We collaborate with clients at all stages of their operational resilience journey, from analysis all the way down to strategy implementation. We can provide subject matter expertise and project input during the implementation phase to assist you with meeting your operational resilience obligations, including:

  • Delivering tailored workshops and training to your Senior Managers and project teams
  • Identifying important business services through business impact analysis
  • Setting impact tolerances for your business’s most important services
  • Identifying and mapping your supporting resources
  • Conducting testing to assess your ability to remain within impact tolerances
  • Preparing a self-assessment document detailing your firm’s journey in meeting operational resilience requirements, for Board sign-off
  • Assisting with remediation activities to address any operational resilience gaps identified

We can also carry out project audits and independent assessments of your firm’s operational and business resilience frameworks in order to provide assurance to Boards and Senior Managers on your firm’s operational resilience readiness.

Expert operational resilience input and independent assurance

Xcina’s regulatory compliance consultants can work seamlessly with you to achieve the following:

  • Input from our operational resilience specialists will significantly enhance the likelihood of your firm successfully meeting its obligations within the relevant timeframes by establishing a robust operational resilience framework. This will optimise your firm’s ability to respond positively to unplanned disruptions and events with minimal impact on markets and consumers.
  • An independent review of your firm’s operational resilience framework provides independent assurance and peace of mind to your Board and Senior Managers.
  • Your firm’s Senior Managers will be in a stronger position to evidence the discharge of their accountabilities and responsibilities with regard to meeting your firm’s operational resilience.
  • Upskilling of teams and further embedding of the operational resilience within mindsets across your firm.
  • Regular sharing of insights into relevant operational resilience trends, developments and strategies, as well as leading practices.
Operational Resilience

Establish a confident operational resilience framework with our consultants

Organisational Resilience

Our team includes multidisciplinary expertise across regulation, operational risk as well as technology. Clients benefit from our extensive subject matter expertise and leading practices gained from assisting organisations across financial service sectors with their operational resilience requirements. 

Our Operational Resilience consultants are attuned to the latest developments, regularly providing thought leadership and speaking at industry conferences on operational resilience.  Our team is able to provide pragmatic value-added operational resilience solutions and recommendations tailored to your specific context, not generic impractical recommendations.

We partner with clients along their operational resilience journey, and share with them our deliverables and our knowledge. This includes providing training so that your team is equipped to use and maintain the Operational Resilience framework independently going forward.

We provide flexible solutions that enable you to cost-effectively access subject matter expertise and advice upon request.

What our clients say

Operational resilience … other organisations have had longer to do this but we’re still working to the same timeline, which is March 2022, a short timescale in reality. Utilising Xcina has helped in running the workshops internally within Perenna, producing output, putting things together, a really good piece of work.

Colin Bell, COO & Co-Founder at Perenna

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