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Risk Management and Assurance Services and Solutions

Gain full visibility of your organisation's risks and mitigate their impact on its objectives


Pragmatic and proportionate risk management frameworks from specialist consultants

Organisations should focus on managing the key emerging and current risks that impact their strategy to more efficiently allocate resources and meet their strategic goals.

Xcina Consulting’s risk management and assurance solutions enhance organisations’ confidence in achieving their strategic objectives through expert, independent insights into key risks.

Partnering with our clients, we design and implement effective, pragmatic and bespoke risk management frameworks and strategies. These enable them to identify emerging and current risks, assess their effect on the organisation, manage their impact and continuously monitor and report to management and oversight bodies. We also assist organisations in assessing the effectiveness of their existing frameworks and develop roadmaps for their improvement.

Our qualified and experienced risk management consultants leverage their expert industry and sector knowledge to improve compliance with risk expectations (risk appetite statements, risk capacity and risk tolerances). Our risk management assessment and implementation methodologies generate actionable and pragmatic improvement plans, and enable effective adoption within the organisation.

Risk Management Solution

Delivering value through bespoke risk management and assurance solutions

We provide organisations with 360° visibility of their key risks. We do this through emerging and current risk analysis, risk assessments and effectiveness assessments of the organisation’s responses – including through internal controls – which enable more efficient allocation of resources to impactful areas.

Our solutions are relevant, tailored and proportionate, leveraging the deep expertise and experience of our consultants.



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Risk Management and Assurance Consultant Services


Enterprise Risk Management

Effective risk management is critical in achieving organisational goals. We partner with organisations to implement effective risk management frameworks that enable them to reduce both uncertainty and the likelihood of missing strategic goals. We do this by mitigating the likelihood and impact of uncertain events, such as disruption to supply chains, emerging technologies and evolving business models.

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Risk Management Solution

Risk Management Solution

Internal Audit Services

We provide assurance on your governance and risk management strategies and activities. We identify key areas for improvement within your organisation, empowering management to confidently execute their plans. We focus on:

  • Delivering the plan and providing assurance.
  • Enhancing assurance quality and ensuring a focus on key risks to the organisation’s strategy.
  • Improving efficiency in executing internal audits.
  • Supplement internal expertise for specialist areas.

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Controls Assurance and Compliance Attestations

The design and operational effectiveness of internal controls have a critical impact on organisations’ achievement of their goals.

Our Controls Assurance services provide management with assurance
over their internal controls. Also, where external stakeholders need reassurance about the design and operating effectiveness of the organisation’s internal controls, our independent control assurance reports communicate this effectively.

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Risk Management Solution

Risk Management Solution

Third-Party Management and Assurance

The integration of outsourcing activities into organisational processes has increased risk and complexity in business processes, including supply chains. We provide end-to-end third-party risk management solutions to our clients by bringing together procurement expertise, technical compliance knowledge, IT specialists, supply chain continuity and relationship management experts.

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Providing tailored and pragmatic risk management and assurance solutions.


We support our clients to mitigate their risks and achieve their strategic goals.

  • Our proven risk management processes, experience and expertise ensure the embedding of risk cultures and activities within your organisation.
  • We are not “just” advisers, we implement risk frameworks within your organisation and drive desired change.
  • No “cookie cutter” templates from us; we develop risk management solutions bespoke to your circumstances, whilst ensuring that you meet legal, regulatory and internal policy requirements.
  • Not for risk management’s sake – our solutions are designed with a focus on the organisation’s strategic objectives ensuring keen attention on key emerging and existing risks. This enables a more efficient allocation of resources within the organisation and a focus
    on risks that “really matter”.
  • Our agnostic approach to risk management technology applications enables us to remain focused on implementing the right solutions for our clients.
  • Our supplier selection approach ensures a strong alignment between the organisation and the selected technology.

Our Approach

Risk Management Solution

We were very pleased with the way that Xcina Consulting engaged with us from the very start to understand our business and our requirements for the review of our emerging risk management framework that needed to be carried out. Their knowledge, expertise and engagement with the risk team ensured that the revised framework reflected current thinking in emerging risk management, was tailored to our requirements, aligned with the business’ strategic objectives, and provided a robust basis for the effective governance and oversight of emerging risks by our senior management team. XCL’s assistance has helped move the emerging risk management at BUPA Global forward.

Simon Parrott, Head of Risk Strategy – Bupa Global

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