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In late February 2020, XCL delivered an all-afternoon risks-focused workshop in London, explaining many fundamental business risks and related controls.

This workshop was run for approximately twenty members of three international specialist associations comprising the Zambian Business Club and two groups for mining activities: MinSouth and the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3).   The workshop was held at IOM3’s offices on Euston Road in London.

Feedback about the course was highly positive afterwards, with two examples quoted here:

  • “Thank you very much indeed for the extremely well-presented and insightful workshop held last week.   There was some really valuable content relevant to a wide range of sectors.   I appreciated the diverse case studies you shared and the very open nature of the discussion that was held in relation to the themes.”
  • “Your presentation and talk were most interesting to all who attended from feedback received and it was an honour to have you as the main speaker.   We believe that the knowledge and information you kindly and so vividly shared will help immensely in the development of not only the mining sector but to other business sectors also.”


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