PRA and FCA letters to UK banks and insurers – prepare for end of EU transition period

PRA and FCA letters to UK banks and insurers – prepare for end of EU transition period




UK authorities have put temporary measures in place to ensure that UK households and businesses will be able to continue accessing services from EU financial institutions after the end of 2020.   These measures include the temporary permissions regime (TPR) and the use of the Temporary Transitional Power (TTP).

However, some volatility and disruption to financial services, particularly to EEA-based clients and customers, could arise.   UK firms are continuing to plan and prepare as well as engage with clients and customers to minimise any disruption and it is important that they continue to do so.

Final steps by individual firms are required to ensure their preparedness for the end of the transition period.   The PRA and FCA expect firms to address the risks they may face.

Timeline with relevant dates to be logged on regulatory calendar

  • All firms need to be ready for many new business conditions from 1 January 2021

Next steps

If firms have any questions about the expectations of the PRA and FCA, they should raise these through their usual supervisory channels.   If firms do not have a named FCA supervisor, they can call the FCA’s dedicated Brexit telephone line on 0800 048 4255.

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