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Xcina Consulting Zero Carbon Initiative

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Shearwater Group plc announces that Xcina Consulting has implemented a zero-carbon programme.

The Shearwater Group plc companies are contributing to this initiative by planting trees in the UK to offset their carbon footprint. The number of trees planted directly relates to the amount of carbon dioxide generated annually by group activities.

As a result, Xcina Consulting has offset 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions through trees planted in Bank Woods, Summerbridge in Yorkshire.

Phil Higgins, Â Group Chief Executive Officer of The Shearwater Group plc, commented:

“We are delighted to take part in such a rewarding initiative to help reduce our organisations’ carbon footprint

Taking direct responsibility for our environmental impact is key in supporting our zero-carbon scheme. As a Group we are excited to be helping our planet – not only now, but for decades to come.”

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