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Is your Finance Team at the top of its game?

Critical to the success of any organisation is a well-functioning and controlled financial structure. The existence of weaknesses in an organisation’s financial processes and procedures and their exploitation, either intentionally or accidentally, will detrimentally impact performance. In turn, this may cause a failure to achieve business strategic goals or even the organisation’s demise.

There is no need to look far to see that this is true; the recent happenings at Carillion, for example, show that added defects in culture and practice can magnify inherent weaknesses and have a multiplier effect on finances.

The use of a sporting analogy would best explain in a more memorable way the importance of using a review to obtain assurance that your financial processes and procedures are match-fit and suitable to assist you in achieving your business goals. All puns are intended for, as you will see (and especially if you love football), using phrases and references that are common parlance in football helps to easily explain points that resonate within what many think of as a dry topic.