Xcina Consulting is open and operating, as usual, having implemented our own business continuity arrangements, and is here to assist companies requiring assistance with areas of its business that may be under strain due to the current circumstances. We are available to provide advisory support to help navigate the challenges of the new ways of working and are determined to continue to deliver the quality of services that we have become renowned for, through the use of remote working tools, smart applications and engagement with clients.
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Are you prepared for the unexpected?

There she was just a-walking down the street, when the car swerves to miss the dog, leaps onto the pavement and knocks her over. She has a broken arm and a fractured knee. A nasty piece of work steals her bag and runs off with it taking her cash, credit cards, mobile phone, today’s post, house keys and of course a laptop!

This is the kind of event that could happen to any of us at any time. The implications and the repercussions to her will almost certainly be inconvenient and could be significant if she has not taken some basic precautions. But like any operational interruption, it can happen at any time and certainly when you are least expecting it.

What would happen if your organisation was to face an incident from which it had to recover, and is it prepared to handle the fallout?