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COVID-19 Awareness

We are open and operating, as usual, having implemented our own firm’s business continuity arrangements, and are here to assist companies requiring assistance with areas of their business that may be under strain due to the current circumstances. We are available to provide advisory support to help navigate the challenges of the new ways of working and are determined to continue to deliver the quality of services that we have become renowned for, through the use of remote working tools, smart applications and engagement with clients.

We are keen to share our expertise and experiences in Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management and so would like to invite you to take part in the BSI’s live webinar “COVID-19 and Organizational Resilience” on Tuesday the 31st of March 2020 at which our very own, Kev Brear (Director of Consulting) will be presenting on this very topic.

This presentation is the first in a series of briefings designed to assist organizations to respond effectively to the current situation, survive, and emerge from the crisis better positioned to rebuild and prosper as swiftly as possible. This presentation will provide an overview of the strategic approach that will be required to meet these objectives.

Kev, who will discuss the use of crisis management principles and good practices to assist the leaders of organizations to build an understanding of the situation and its challenges, define appropriate objectives and strategies, employ effective command, control and communication solutions, respond to the impacts appropriately and build resilience capabilities into the crisis management team itself. This approach will allow businesses to face the challenges of the response activities over a protracted period.

At the end of the session, Kev will be available to answer questions.