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Case Study

Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO) for UK-based Market Research Consultancy

The client

A UK based market research and customer consultancy helping to build brands, track and improve customer engagement and satisfaction. The company runs market research campaigns for a large number of international clients, across a number of industry sectors, dealing with millions of personal data records from clients as well collecting data directly.

The work

Following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the company had reviewed its obligations and decided that they should appoint a Data Protection Officer. To ensure that adequate resource and knowledge was assigned to the role they engaged Xcina Consulting as their Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO).

How we helped

We undertook a review of the data protection policy and procedures to assess adequacy and ensure compliance against GDPR. We consulted on the design and implementation of several controls to minimise and segregate legacy data. We also supported the completion of privacy impact assessments on new projects that had been requested by clients, including new forms of processing, and assisted by liaising between the company, their clients and customers, where specific data protection requests or queries had been raised.

Value added

We provided the client with GDPR/Data Protection knowledge and support to ensure they met their legal obligations and support the legal and regulatory obligations of their customers.

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